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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BIRD Edwin Bruce  20 May 1902Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32695 Freeman-Smith 
2 BIRD Julia Talbot  09 Oct 1908Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32769 Freeman-Smith 
3 COBB Maria Louise  1849Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32711 Freeman-Smith 
4 COPPINS Francis Thomas  Abt 1851Chicago, Cook Co., IL I13194 Freeman-Smith 
5 DAVISON Edward Harrison  24 Oct 1896Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35463 Freeman-Smith 
6 DODSON Katherine  01 Dec 1885Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32729 Freeman-Smith 
7 EDGAR Florence Anna  23 Sep 1867Chicago, Cook Co., IL I31391 Freeman-Smith 
8 FORD Clara Dwight  23 Nov 1865Chicago, Cook Co., IL I16313 Freeman-Smith 
9 FORD Jenny Althea  19 Jun 1858Chicago, Cook Co., IL I16099 Freeman-Smith 
10 GRAVES Eva Bronson  15 Sep 1875Chicago, Cook Co., IL I31200 Freeman-Smith 
11 HANANER Joseph C.  Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35921 Freeman-Smith 
12 INGERSOLL Martha  25 Dec 1836Chicago, Cook Co., IL I17114 Freeman-Smith 
13 JOHNSTON Leah E.  14 Jun 1868Chicago, Cook Co., IL I4437 Freeman-Smith 
14 LEONARD Robert Zigler  07 Sep 1889Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33503 Freeman-Smith 
15 LEUTZ Edward Henri  19 Feb 1906Chicago, Cook Co., IL I5095 Freeman-Smith 
16 LEUTZ Frank Charles  05 Sep 1883Chicago, Cook Co., IL I5100 Freeman-Smith 
17 LEUTZ Frank Robert  11 Mar 1904Chicago, Cook Co., IL I5101 Freeman-Smith 
18 MAMMEN Earnest William  18 Nov 1882Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35596 Freeman-Smith 
19 MILLER Lucia Jane  17 Mar 1855Chicago, Cook Co., IL I12986 Freeman-Smith 
20 MORSE Charles Hosmer  13 Aug 1873Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22524 Freeman-Smith 
21 MORSE Elizabeth  05 Jun 1901Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22518 Freeman-Smith 
22 MORSE Martha Jeanette  31 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22528 Freeman-Smith 
23 OLMSTEAD Gertrude Sellers  13 Nov 1904Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33387 Freeman-Smith 
24 PACK Crowell Clarkson  1921Chicago, Cook Co., IL I6135 Freeman-Smith 
25 RICHARDSON Ralph Arthur  08 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I56249 Freeman-Smith 
26 SAYRE John Joseph  09 Jan 1847Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26549 Freeman-Smith 
27 STEELE Ashble John  15 Apr 1842Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26407 Freeman-Smith 


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN Thomas  1835Chicago, Cook Co., IL I18761 Freeman-Smith 
2 BAYLESS Verni Charles  Dec 1974Chicago, Cook Co., IL I34438 Freeman-Smith 
3 BEECHER Jerome  17 Mar 1891Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32674 Freeman-Smith 
4 BIRD Frances L  29 Nov 1899Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32678 Freeman-Smith 
5 BIRD Frederick Joel  26 Mar 1947Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32691 Freeman-Smith 
6 BIRD Marion Irene  30 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32708 Freeman-Smith 
7 BRUSTMAN Bertha Louise  1959Chicago, Cook Co., IL I34512 Freeman-Smith 
8 CLARK Wilbur Goddard  30 Jan 1939Chicago, Cook Co., IL I15547 Freeman-Smith 
9 COBB Silas Bowman  05 Apr 1900Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32735 Freeman-Smith 
10 COLBY Smith Putnam  25 Mar 1911Chicago, Cook Co., IL I28163 Freeman-Smith 
11 DANA Maria Pamelia  28 Jul 1867Chicago, Cook Co., IL I12955 Freeman-Smith 
12 DAVISON Edward Harrison  Apr 1958Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35463 Freeman-Smith 
13 DAVISSON Daniel  15 Oct 1900Chicago, Cook Co., IL I36190 Freeman-Smith 
14 DEMING Charles  Aft 1904Chicago, Cook Co., IL I21992 Freeman-Smith 
15 DUSENBERRY Emma E  25 Dec 1910Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26452 Freeman-Smith 
16 DUSENBERRY William  15 Nov 1911Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26356 Freeman-Smith 
17 EVERSON Rachel A  28 Dec 1935Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32128 Freeman-Smith 
18 FREEMAN George Bernard  17 Feb 1950Chicago, Cook Co., IL I3093 Freeman-Smith 
19 GRAVES Edward Horatio  07 Oct 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL I14927 Freeman-Smith 
20 GRAY Franklin Darius  Chicago, Cook Co., IL I18464 Freeman-Smith 
21 GRAY James Arthur  24 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook Co., IL I13959 Freeman-Smith 
22 HARTRICK Dinchen Clara  30 Nov 1943Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32730 Freeman-Smith 
23 HUBBARD Charles Dexter  21 Jan 1897Chicago, Cook Co., IL I14709 Freeman-Smith 
24 INGERSOLL Frederick Mills  16 Feb 1895Chicago, Cook Co., IL I18783 Freeman-Smith 
25 MCKEE James W  30 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32742 Freeman-Smith 
26 MEAD George Herbert  26 Apr 1931Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33901 Freeman-Smith 
27 MELCHOR Dorothea  1953Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35464 Freeman-Smith 
28 MERRILL Emily Gertrude  20 Apr 1932Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26317 Freeman-Smith 
29 OLMSTEAD Lurancia Almira  30 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33192 Freeman-Smith 
30 OLMSTEAD Thomas B  26 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33243 Freeman-Smith 
31 OSBORNE Margaret Perry  03 Dec 1949Chicago, Cook Co., IL I38847 Freeman-Smith 
32 PULSIFER Joseph  Chicago, Cook Co., IL I7503 Freeman-Smith 
33 ROCKWOOD Curtis Clinton  22 Dec 1965Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35476 Freeman-Smith 
34 ROOT Ella Viola  18 Jun 1959Chicago, Cook Co., IL I14049 Freeman-Smith 
35 ROOT John Wellborn  15 Jan 1891Chicago, Cook Co., IL I31077 Freeman-Smith 
36 RUTHERFORD Dorothy Wood  Dec 1957Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26394 Freeman-Smith 
37 RUTHERFORD John Joseph  18 Jun 1966Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26311 Freeman-Smith 
38 RUTHERFORD Joseph William  30 Mar 1892Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26545 Freeman-Smith 
39 RUTHERFORD Thomas A  10 Mar 1928Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26373 Freeman-Smith 
40 SEVERANCE Sarah C  28 May 1840Chicago, Cook Co., IL I29366 Freeman-Smith 
41 WARREN Louisa Goddard  10 May 1883Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32781 Freeman-Smith 
42 WARREN Maria  10 May 1888Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32696 Freeman-Smith 
43 WARREN Mary  05 Jan 1907Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32764 Freeman-Smith 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BLODGETT / LOVETT  02 Mar 1844Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14963 Freeman-Smith 
2 DAVISON / CHURCH  09 May 1869Chicago, Cook Co., IL F18127 Freeman-Smith 
3 DRAPER / BIRD  31 Dec 1949Chicago, Cook Co., IL F17268 Freeman-Smith 
4 GREEN / NUTTER  08 Aug 1923Chicago, Cook Co., IL F19344 Freeman-Smith 
5 HILLS / FREER  26 Oct 1869Chicago, Cook Co., IL F17018 Freeman-Smith 
6 MORTON / GOODRIDGE  13 Oct 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL F17283 Freeman-Smith 
7 ROOT / MONROE  1882Chicago, Cook Co., IL F16678 Freeman-Smith 
8 ROOT / WALKER  18 Jan 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL F16640 Freeman-Smith 
9 RUTHERFORD / FRANTZ  02 Mar 1928Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14939 Freeman-Smith 
10 RUTHERFORD / MERRILL  03 Nov 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14928 Freeman-Smith 
11 SAYRE / HAND  18 Oct 1875Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14922 Freeman-Smith 
12 TURANCHIK / GRIMES  02 May 1964Chicago, Cook Co., IL F9626 Freeman-Smith 
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