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Hebron, Tolland Co., CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUELL Elizabeth G.  17 May 1797Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I23627 Freeman-Smith 
2 CADY Elizabeth  06 Jun 1736Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I25503 Freeman-Smith 
3 CROUCH Christopher  1765Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26388 Freeman-Smith 
4 CROUCH Lydia  04 Jul 1790Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26387 Freeman-Smith 
5 CUTTING Susannah Hannah  18 Sep 1760Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I25718 Freeman-Smith 
6 HUTCHINSON Abigail  17 Aug 1775Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26429 Freeman-Smith 
7 HUTCHINSON Ann  17 Aug 1767Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26434 Freeman-Smith 
8 HUTCHINSON Eleazer  25 Sep 1778Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26475 Freeman-Smith 
9 HUTCHINSON Lydia  06 Feb 1766Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26536 Freeman-Smith 
10 HUTCHINSON II Jonathan  Abt 10 Feb 1745Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26487 Freeman-Smith 
11 HUTCHINSON III Jonathan  29 May 1769Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26392 Freeman-Smith 
12 INGRAHAM Elkanah  22 Jul 1757Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I46638 Freeman-Smith 
13 INGRAHAM Joseph  19 Jun 1753Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I46744 Freeman-Smith 
14 MANN Benjamin  03 May 1717Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20422 Freeman-Smith 
15 MANN John  20 Nov 1720Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20441 Freeman-Smith 
16 MANN Joseph  05 Apr 1714Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20423 Freeman-Smith 
17 MANN Mary  05 Jun 1723Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20429 Freeman-Smith 
18 MANN Nathan  20 Jun 1727Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20375 Freeman-Smith 
19 MANN Nathaniel  16 Jun 1716Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20390 Freeman-Smith 
20 PHELPS Solomon  28 Aug 1768Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I21983 Freeman-Smith 
21 POST Eleanor  28 Jun 1744Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26436 Freeman-Smith 
22 ROOT Abigail  14 May 1747Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I16483 Freeman-Smith 
23 ROOT Abigail  15 Jan 1754Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20380 Freeman-Smith 
24 ROOT Abijah  Abt 09 Mar 1749Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20424 Freeman-Smith 
25 ROOT Abijah  23 Dec 1751Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20392 Freeman-Smith 
26 ROOT Abitha  Abt 10 Jan 1747Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20391 Freeman-Smith 
27 ROOT Ann  20 May 1743Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20381 Freeman-Smith 
28 ROOT Benjamin  06 Sep 1719Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20394 Freeman-Smith 
29 ROOT Benjamin  1791Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I45246 Freeman-Smith 
30 ROOT Caleb  30 Nov 1738Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20438 Freeman-Smith 
31 ROOT Coziah  12 Jun 1729Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20406 Freeman-Smith 
32 ROOT Daniel  Abt 11 Feb 1714Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20421 Freeman-Smith 
33 ROOT Ebenezar  22 May 1717Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20370 Freeman-Smith 
34 ROOT Elijah  Abt 01 Mar 1729Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20376 Freeman-Smith 
35 ROOT Elizabeth  08 Oct 1733Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20409 Freeman-Smith 
36 ROOT Ephraim  16 Aug 1751Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20440 Freeman-Smith 
37 ROOT Esther  01 Jul 1735Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20434 Freeman-Smith 
38 ROOT Eunice  Abt 16 Jan 1745Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20374 Freeman-Smith 
39 ROOT Hannah  29 Mar 1714Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20413 Freeman-Smith 
40 ROOT Hannah  Abt 22 Jan 1735Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20399 Freeman-Smith 
41 ROOT Jacob  28 Jul 1710Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20436 Freeman-Smith 
42 ROOT Jemima  Abt 16 Feb 1727Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20427 Freeman-Smith 
43 ROOT Jerusha  Abt 13 Mar 1748Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I23194 Freeman-Smith 
44 ROOT Joanna  Abt 01 Feb 1745Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20404 Freeman-Smith 
45 ROOT John  04 Oct 1712Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20426 Freeman-Smith 
46 ROOT Jonah  Abt 03 Mar 1743Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20389 Freeman-Smith 
47 ROOT Jonathan  16 Dec 1735Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20382 Freeman-Smith 
48 ROOT Levi  14 Sep 1740Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20425 Freeman-Smith 
49 ROOT Martha  Abt 19 Mar 1741Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20401 Freeman-Smith 
50 ROOT Mary  Abt 12 Feb 1730Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20412 Freeman-Smith 
51 ROOT Mehitable  Abt 15 Jan 1728Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20400 Freeman-Smith 
52 ROOT Nathaniel  Abt 18 Jan 1732Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20408 Freeman-Smith 
53 ROOT Partha  18 Nov 1739Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20435 Freeman-Smith 
54 ROOT Ruth  30 Apr 1737Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20386 Freeman-Smith 
55 ROOT Samuel  03 Jun 1748Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20414 Freeman-Smith 
56 ROOT Samuel  03 Jun 1748Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I46832 Freeman-Smith 
57 ROOT Sarah  Abt 11 Feb 1710Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20373 Freeman-Smith 
58 ROOT Sarah  22 May 1748Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20396 Freeman-Smith 
59 ROOT Simeon  Abt 13 Jan 1733Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20444 Freeman-Smith 
60 ROOT William  11 Aug 1731Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20377 Freeman-Smith 
61 SAWYER Hannah  09 Apr 1728Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26411 Freeman-Smith 
62 SLADE Hannah  Abt 06 Mar 1734Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26687 Freeman-Smith 
63 SLADE James  18 Apr 1730Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26722 Freeman-Smith 
64 STRONG Lydia  12 Nov 1763Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I27455 Freeman-Smith 
65 SWEETLAND Aaron  Abt 04 Jan 1747Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26363 Freeman-Smith 
66 SWEETLAND Ann  1746Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26478 Freeman-Smith 
67 SWEETLAND Anna  24 Feb 1770Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26450 Freeman-Smith 
68 SWEETLAND David  05 Nov 1743Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26312 Freeman-Smith 
69 SWEETLAND Eleazar  05 May 1751Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26409 Freeman-Smith 
70 SWEETLAND Eleazer  05 Aug 1775Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26509 Freeman-Smith 
71 SWEETLAND Eli  11 May 1756Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26405 Freeman-Smith 
72 SWEETLAND Irena  24 Sep 1777Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26369 Freeman-Smith 
73 SWEETLAND Levi  05 Jan 1754Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26342 Freeman-Smith 
74 SWEETLAND Lydia  02 Jan 1773Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26546 Freeman-Smith 
75 SWEETLAND Marcy  Abt 29 Jan 1744Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26362 Freeman-Smith 
76 SWEETLAND Samuel  17 Jul 1780Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26544 Freeman-Smith 
77 SWEETLAND Zadock  06 May 1782Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26518 Freeman-Smith 
78 SWEETLAND II Aaron  05 Aug 1771Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26541 Freeman-Smith 
79 SWEETLAND III Joseph  15 Jul 1758Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26556 Freeman-Smith 
80 TALCOTT Abigail  26 May 1772Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I16543 Freeman-Smith 
81 TALCOTT Sally  Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26526 Freeman-Smith 
82 WILCOX Jonathan  14 Apr 1737Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I27759 Freeman-Smith 
83 WILCOX Mary  01 Oct 1740Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I27817 Freeman-Smith 
84 WILCOX II Elias  Abt 09 Mar 1751Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I27713 Freeman-Smith 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARTER Anna  Abt 14 Feb 1745Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26412 Freeman-Smith 
2 CLARK Patience  02 Feb 1805Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26408 Freeman-Smith 
3 CROUCH Christopher  24 Oct 1842Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26388 Freeman-Smith 
4 FRARY Mary  Abt 08 Feb 1743Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20430 Freeman-Smith 
5 HUTCHINSON Eleazer  09 Jun 1834Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26475 Freeman-Smith 
6 HUTCHINSON Jonathan  26 Sep 1796Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26319 Freeman-Smith 
7 HUTCHINSON Joseph  Abt 06 Feb 1731Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20252 Freeman-Smith 
8 HUTCHINSON Lydia  27 Mar 1830Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26536 Freeman-Smith 
9 HUTCHINSON II Jonathan  01 Jan 1838Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26487 Freeman-Smith 
10 INGRAHAM Esther  13 Oct 1852Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I46910 Freeman-Smith 
11 INGRAHAM Jerusha  07 Jul 1869Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I45869 Freeman-Smith 
12 INGRAHAM Joseph  14 Sep 1753Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I46660 Freeman-Smith 
13 MANN John  04 Jun 1806Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20441 Freeman-Smith 
14 MANN Joseph  1798Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20423 Freeman-Smith 
15 POST Eleanor  26 Aug 1832Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26436 Freeman-Smith 
16 ROOT Abijah  Abt 1750Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20424 Freeman-Smith 
17 ROOT Abijah  09 Mar 1760Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20392 Freeman-Smith 
18 ROOT Benjamin  26 Nov 1868Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I45246 Freeman-Smith 
19 ROOT Daniel  21 Apr 1763Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20421 Freeman-Smith 
20 ROOT Ebenezar  13 Mar 1777Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20370 Freeman-Smith 
21 ROOT Jacob  09 Aug 1731Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20369 Freeman-Smith 
22 ROOT Joanna  24 May 1746Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20404 Freeman-Smith 
23 ROOT Joshua  13 Apr 1871Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I46821 Freeman-Smith 
24 ROOT Sarah  09 Jan 1754Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20396 Freeman-Smith 
25 ROOT William  02 Jul 1790Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20377 Freeman-Smith 
26 SWEETLAND Aaron  17 Aug 1804Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26363 Freeman-Smith 
27 SWEETLAND Eleazer  02 Sep 1848Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26509 Freeman-Smith 
28 SWEETLAND Irena  30 Apr 1842Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26369 Freeman-Smith 
29 SWEETLAND Lydia  12 Jan 1832Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26546 Freeman-Smith 
30 SWEETLAND Marcy  18 Sep 1748Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26362 Freeman-Smith 
31 SWEETLAND II Joseph  25 Feb 1758Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I26505 Freeman-Smith 
32 TARBOX Mary  06 Dec 1754Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20443 Freeman-Smith 
33 TARBOX Sarah  09 Aug 1754Hebron, Tolland Co., CT I20384 Freeman-Smith 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CROUCH / HUTCHINSON  1786Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14981 Freeman-Smith 
2 HUTCHINSON / BILL  18 Oct 1758Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F15281 Freeman-Smith 
3 HUTCHINSON / CARTER  1744Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14909 Freeman-Smith 
4 HUTCHINSON / SAWYER  07 Sep 1747Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14924 Freeman-Smith 
5 HUTCHINSON / TALCOTT  Oct 1803Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14927 Freeman-Smith 
6 HUTCHINSON II / POST  11 Sep 1766Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14947 Freeman-Smith 
7 LOOMER / HUTCHINSON  17 Nov 1796Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14972 Freeman-Smith 
8 MANN / ROOT  Abt 01 Feb 1712Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F12596 Freeman-Smith 
9 PORTER / CUTTING  17 Feb 1785Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14740 Freeman-Smith 
10 ROOT / PENNOCK  30 Apr 1728Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F12600 Freeman-Smith 
11 ROOT / TARBOX  28 Dec 1725Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F12603 Freeman-Smith 
12 ROOT / TARBOX  08 May 1729Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F12598 Freeman-Smith 
13 SHEPHERD / HUTCHINSON  16 Oct 1755Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14969 Freeman-Smith 
14 STRONG / HUTCHINSON  10 Dec 1761Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F15135 Freeman-Smith 
15 SWEETLAND / CLARK  27 Sep 1770Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14982 Freeman-Smith 
16 SWEETLAND II / HUTCHINSON  16 Dec 1742Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F14965 Freeman-Smith 
17 WOOLWORTH / BUELL  1818Hebron, Tolland Co., CT F13715 Freeman-Smith 
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