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Lewis NY



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 LEIGH Mary Ellen  22 May 1893Lewis NY I5043
2 MCCALVIN Alma  Sep 1863Lewis NY I5488
3 PULSIFER Albert Walden  1855Lewis NY I6774
4 PULSIFER Benjamin  12 Mar 1882Lewis NY I6876
5 PULSIFER Cora  1885Lewis NY I6984
6 PULSIFER Dora  Aug 1885Lewis NY I7061
7 PULSIFER Edith  21 Apr 1881Lewis NY I7094
8 PULSIFER Edith  12 Jun 1917Lewis NY I7095
9 PULSIFER Edwin  1900Lewis NY I7108
10 PULSIFER Frank W.  24 Jul 1878Lewis NY I7244
11 PULSIFER George  06 Jul 1911Lewis NY I7270
12 PULSIFER Hazel  08 Jun 1907Lewis NY I7348
13 PULSIFER Irwin  14 Feb 1883Lewis NY I7391
14 PULSIFER Jennie  Dec 1883Lewis NY I7420
15 PULSIFER John  1839Lewis NY I7436
16 PULSIFER John L.  1872Lewis NY I7477
17 PULSIFER Julia  1868Lewis NY I7543
18 PULSIFER Leonard Guy  21 Sep 1905Lewis NY I7579
19 PULSIFER Marcellus Silas  01 Mar 1848Lewis NY I7637
20 PULSIFER Mary  1861Lewis NY I7670
21 PULSIFER Nelson  22 Mar 1852Lewis NY I7762
22 PULSIFER Nora  1888Lewis NY I7771
23 PULSIFER Rosetta Edith  19 Sep 1865Lewis NY I7849
24 PULSIFER William  1885Lewis NY I8046
25 WHITTEMORE Charles  Abt 1881Lewis NY I12562
26 WHITTEMORE Claude Arthur  31 Mar 1890Lewis NY I12574
27 WHITTEMORE Jennie  05 May 1882Lewis NY I10073
28 WHITTEMORE Sadie M  Abt 1886Lewis NY I12564
29 WHITTEMORE Sidney  Abt 1915Lewis NY I12571
30 WHITTEMORE William  Abt 1888Lewis NY I12566


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EVANS Freelove  25 May 1899Lewis NY I2766
2 MCALVIN Nancy  15 Sep 1918Lewis NY I5485
3 MCCALVIN Alma  29 Jan 1930Lewis NY I5488
4 MCCALVIN Eliza  1909Lewis NY I5490
5 PULSIFER Archie  1934Lewis NY I6836
6 PULSIFER Edith  10 Oct 1987Lewis NY I7095
7 PULSIFER Irwin  Nov 1951Lewis NY I7391
8 PULSIFER John L.  1961Lewis NY I7477
9 PULSIFER Levi  01 Jan 1897Lewis NY I7587
10 PULSIFER Marcellus Silas  30 Dec 1916Lewis NY I7637