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Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ESTEY Edward  16 Jul 1693Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I2711
2 ESTEY Isaac  1656Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I2723
3 ESTEY Joseph  Abt 05 Feb 1657Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I2734
4 FRENCH Mary  Abt 27 Feb 1657Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I3259
5 McEWEN Abbie Kimball  09 Apr 1832Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I31811
6 REDDINGTON Abraham  Oct 1699Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34683
7 REDDINGTON Daniel  27 Sep 1687Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34667
8 REDDINGTON Dorcas  13 Nov 1702Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34686
9 REDDINGTON Eliza  27 Sep 1687Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34666
10 REDDINGTON Elizabeth  14 Apr 1686Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34665
11 REDDINGTON Jacob  05 Sep 1695Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34677
12 REDDINGTON John  23 Mar 1681Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34662
13 REDDINGTON Martha  May 1704Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34687
14 REDDINGTON Mary  01 Mar 1680Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34661
15 REDDINGTON Mary  Bef 17 Mar 1688Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34671
16 REDDINGTON Nathaniel  19 May 1701Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34685
17 REDDINGTON Phebe  Bef 13 Aug 1693Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34676
18 REDDINGTON Phineas  19 Oct 1697Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34679
19 REDDINGTON Sarah  06 Feb 1689Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34673
20 SYMONDS John  Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I9405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ESTEY Isaac  Abt 24 Jan 1711Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I2722
2 FRENCH John  Abt 25 Jan 1704Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I3257
3 REDDINGTON Dorcas  23 Oct 1736Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34686
4 REDDINGTON Margaret  25 Oct 1736Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34663
5 REDDINGTON Sarah  05 Oct 1736Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. I34673


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 FRENCH / KEYES  Abt 1655Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. F3257
2 JEWETT / KIMBALL  Abt 04 Jan 1686Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. F4357
3 REDDINGTON / DEAVISON  23 Mar 1681Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. F17975
4 SPILLER / PEABODY  07 Feb 1819Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. F9205
5 WATERS / STALWORTHY  24 Mar 1668Topsfield, Essex Co., Mass. F18220