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Chicago, Cook Co., IL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BIRD Edwin Bruce  20 May 1902Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32695
2 BIRD Julia Talbot  09 Oct 1908Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32769
3 COBB Maria Louise  1849Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32711
4 COPPINS Francis Thomas  Abt 1851Chicago, Cook Co., IL I13194
5 DAVISON Edward Harrison  24 Oct 1896Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35463
6 DODSON Katherine  01 Dec 1885Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32729
7 EDGAR Florence Anna  23 Sep 1867Chicago, Cook Co., IL I31391
8 FORD Clara Dwight  23 Nov 1865Chicago, Cook Co., IL I16313
9 FORD Jenny Althea  19 Jun 1858Chicago, Cook Co., IL I16099
10 GRAVES Eva Bronson  15 Sep 1875Chicago, Cook Co., IL I31200
11 HANANER Joseph C.  Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35921
12 INGERSOLL Martha  25 Dec 1836Chicago, Cook Co., IL I17114
13 JOHNSTON Leah E.  14 Jun 1868Chicago, Cook Co., IL I4437
14 LEONARD Robert Zigler  07 Sep 1889Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33503
15 LEUTZ Edward Henri  19 Feb 1906Chicago, Cook Co., IL I5095
16 LEUTZ Frank Charles  05 Sep 1883Chicago, Cook Co., IL I5100
17 LEUTZ Frank Robert  11 Mar 1904Chicago, Cook Co., IL I5101
18 MAMMEN Earnest William  18 Nov 1882Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35596
19 MILLER Lucia Jane  17 Mar 1855Chicago, Cook Co., IL I12986
20 MORSE Charles Hosmer  13 Aug 1873Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22524
21 MORSE Elizabeth  05 Jun 1901Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22518
22 MORSE Martha Jeanette  31 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22528
23 MORSE Jr Charles Hosmer  27 Sep 1910Chicago, Cook Co., IL I22525
24 OLMSTEAD Gertrude Sellers  13 Nov 1904Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33387
25 PACK Crowell Clarkson  1921Chicago, Cook Co., IL I6135
26 RICHARDSON Ralph Arthur  08 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I56249
27 SAYRE John Joseph  09 Jan 1847Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26549
28 STEELE Ashble John  15 Apr 1842Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26407


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Thomas  1835Chicago, Cook Co., IL I18761
2 BAYLESS Verni Charles  Dec 1974Chicago, Cook Co., IL I34438
3 BEECHER Jerome  17 Mar 1891Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32674
4 BIRD Frances L  29 Nov 1899Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32678
5 BIRD Frederick Joel  26 Mar 1947Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32691
6 BIRD Marion Irene  30 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32708
7 BRUSTMAN Bertha Louise  1959Chicago, Cook Co., IL I34512
8 CLARK Wilbur Goddard  30 Jan 1939Chicago, Cook Co., IL I15547
9 COBB Silas Bowman  05 Apr 1900Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32735
10 COLBY Smith Putnam  25 Mar 1911Chicago, Cook Co., IL I28163
11 DANA Maria Pamelia  28 Jul 1867Chicago, Cook Co., IL I12955
12 DAVISON Edward Harrison  Apr 1958Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35463
13 DAVISSON Daniel  15 Oct 1900Chicago, Cook Co., IL I36190
14 DEMING Charles  Aft 1904Chicago, Cook Co., IL I21992
15 DUSENBERRY Emma E  25 Dec 1910Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26452
16 DUSENBERRY William  15 Nov 1911Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26356
17 EVERSON Rachel A  28 Dec 1935Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32128
18 FREEMAN George Bernard  17 Feb 1950Chicago, Cook Co., IL I3093
19 GRAVES Edward Horatio  07 Oct 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL I14927
20 GRAY Franklin Darius  Chicago, Cook Co., IL I18464
21 GRAY James Arthur  24 Nov 1906Chicago, Cook Co., IL I13959
22 HARTRICK Dinchen Clara  30 Nov 1943Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32730
23 HUBBARD Charles Dexter  21 Jan 1897Chicago, Cook Co., IL I14709
24 INGERSOLL Frederick Mills  16 Feb 1895Chicago, Cook Co., IL I18783
25 MCKEE James W  30 Dec 1903Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32742
26 MEAD George Herbert  26 Apr 1931Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33901
27 MELCHOR Dorothea  1953Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35464
28 MERRILL Emily Gertrude  20 Apr 1932Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26317
29 OLMSTEAD Lurancia Almira  30 Jan 1920Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33192
30 OLMSTEAD Thomas B  26 Sep 1901Chicago, Cook Co., IL I33243
31 OSBORNE Margaret Perry  03 Dec 1949Chicago, Cook Co., IL I38847
32 PULSIFER Joseph  Chicago, Cook Co., IL I7503
33 ROCKWOOD Curtis Clinton  22 Dec 1965Chicago, Cook Co., IL I35476
34 ROOT Ella Viola  18 Jun 1959Chicago, Cook Co., IL I14049
35 ROOT John Wellborn  15 Jan 1891Chicago, Cook Co., IL I31077
36 RUTHERFORD Dorothy Wood  Dec 1957Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26394
37 RUTHERFORD John Joseph  18 Jun 1966Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26311
38 RUTHERFORD Joseph William  30 Mar 1892Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26545
39 RUTHERFORD Thomas A  10 Mar 1928Chicago, Cook Co., IL I26373
40 SEVERANCE Sarah C  28 May 1840Chicago, Cook Co., IL I29366
41 WARREN Louisa Goddard  10 May 1883Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32781
42 WARREN Maria  10 May 1888Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32696
43 WARREN Mary  05 Jan 1907Chicago, Cook Co., IL I32764


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BLODGETT / LOVETT  02 Mar 1844Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14963
2 DAVISON / CHURCH  09 May 1869Chicago, Cook Co., IL F18127
3 DRAPER / BIRD  31 Dec 1949Chicago, Cook Co., IL F17268
4 GREEN / NUTTER  08 Aug 1923Chicago, Cook Co., IL F19344
5 HILLS / FREER  26 Oct 1869Chicago, Cook Co., IL F17018
6 MORTON / GOODRIDGE  13 Oct 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL F17283
7 ROOT / MONROE  1882Chicago, Cook Co., IL F16678
8 ROOT / WALKER  18 Jan 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL F16640
9 RUTHERFORD / FRANTZ  02 Mar 1928Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14939
10 RUTHERFORD / MERRILL  03 Nov 1880Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14928
11 SAYRE / HAND  18 Oct 1875Chicago, Cook Co., IL F14922
12 TURANCHIK / GRIMES  02 May 1964Chicago, Cook Co., IL F9626