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Middlebury, Addison Co., VT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNETT Edward Dewey  06 Dec 1843Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19742
2 BENNETT Henry Wallis  13 Dec 1838Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19766
3 BENNETT John  Abt 1847Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19765
4 BENNETT Martha L  Abt 1845Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19702
5 CLARK Alma Lorette  03 Nov 1887Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28715
6 CLARK Christie Estelle  26 Apr 1897Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28685
7 CLARK Claude Elwin  08 Nov 1894Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28601
8 CLARK Gertrude Helen  21 Nov 1905Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28728
9 CLARK Leon Harmon  13 Jul 1883Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28632
10 CLARK Mary Emily  01 Jun 1892Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28532
11 CLARK Maurice Thomas  31 Jan 1890Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28664
12 CLARK Philip Ray  18 Mar 1899Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28444
13 CLARK Royal Stanley  06 Jul 1903Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28419
14 CLARK Ward Edmund  21 Feb 1886Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28554
15 DEWEY Jacob  30 Nov 1802Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19767
16 DEWEY Lovisa  21 May 1796Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19876
17 DEWEY Martha  1811Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19626
18 DEWEY Mary Ann  17 Oct 1809Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19791
19 DEWEY Pamelia  15 Mar 1795Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19713
20 DEWEY Patty  30 Jun 1811Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19940
21 DEWEY William  30 Apr 1798Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19812
22 DEWEY Jr Stillman  29 Nov 1804Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19871
23 SARGEANT William  30 Oct 1803Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I41458
24 SUMNER Alice Emma  09 Jun 1864Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I28497


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BENNETT Daniel  17 Oct 1865Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19662
2 CADORET Norman Burr  07 Sep 1994Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I33550
3 DEWEY Stillman  21 Jun 1841Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19642
4 FOOTE Martha  30 Jan 1831Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I19647
5 MCDONALD James  13 Dec 1878Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I41508
6 ROOT Elizabeth Sergeant  07 Dec 1835Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I40660
7 SARGEANT Eliza  14 Aug 1890Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I41541
8 SARGEANT Sophia  18 Oct 1876Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I41355
9 WAINWRIGHT Rufus  23 Mar 1853Middlebury, Addison Co., VT I41393


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 MCDONALD / SARGEANT  17 Mar 1817Middlebury, Addison Co., VT F20278
2 WAINWRIGHT / SARGEANT  27 May 1817Middlebury, Addison Co., VT F20266