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Milton, Norfolk Co, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FORD Susanna  13 Mar 1767Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46869
2 HOUGHTON Elizabeth  16 Jan 1763Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45486
3 LYON Benjamin  15 Dec 1776Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46322
4 LYON Elisha  29 Sep 1778Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46920
5 LYON Lemuel  16 Feb 1783Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46524
6 LYON Peter  11 Nov 1775Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46390
7 LYON Seth  22 Jan 1781Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45949
8 SUMNER Eli  17 Jan 1757Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45558
9 SUMNER Elizabeth  20 Dec 1700Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46783
10 SUMNER Elizabeth  31 Jan 1766Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45412
11 SUMNER Jabez  02 Apr 1759Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45671
12 SUMNER Jesaniah  19 Jul 1713Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46433
13 SUMNER Jesse  31 May 1768Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46477
14 SUMNER Mary  20 Jan 1761Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46249
15 SUMNER Mindwell  24 Apr 1764Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46854
16 TUCKER Abel  06 Mar 1762Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I44965
17 TUCKER Betsy  06 Jan 1764Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45809
18 TUCKER Elijah  10 Apr 1759Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46254
19 TUCKER Esther  11 Jul 1774Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46636
20 TUCKER Harriet  22 Aug 1799Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45417
21 TUCKER James  13 Jun 1767Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46173
22 TUCKER Jarett  10 Apr 1759Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46491
23 TUCKER Jerusha  09 Oct 1757Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45532
24 TUCKER Lemuel  31 Aug 1766Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45371
25 TUCKER Nelly  25 Oct 1771Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46479
26 TUCKER Phineas  30 Oct 1768Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45989
27 TUCKER Rachel  20 Sep 1763Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46444
28 TUCKER Susanna  15 Apr 1795Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45980
29 TUCKER Timothy  13 Apr 1721Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46028
30 TUCKER Timothy  11 Jun 1770Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46446


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 INGRAHAM Judith  14 Nov 1799Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46735
2 INGRAHAM Mindwell  18 Feb 1825Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46851
3 SUMNER Elizabeth  03 Jul 1787Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46783
4 SUMNER Elizabeth  24 Feb 1823Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45412
5 SUMNER Jabez  11 Feb 1812Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45671
6 SUMNER Jesaniah  07 Jun 1788Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46433
7 SUMNER Jesse  11 May 1828Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46477
8 SUMNER Mary  18 Dec 1829Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46249
9 SUMNER Mindwell  06 Oct 1851Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46854
10 TUCKER Abel  17 Jul 1807Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I44965
11 TUCKER Betsy  03 Sep 1835Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45809
12 TUCKER James  14 Jun 1851Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46173
13 TUCKER Jerusha  06 Oct 1840Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45532
14 TUCKER Phineas  09 Oct 1818Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I45989
15 TUCKER Timothy  01 Jan 1830Milton, Norfolk Co, MA I46446