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Of, Saxony



Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Aeda  Abt 0784Of, Saxony I24322
2 Hildegardis  Abt 0952Of, Saxony I22778
3 GERMANS Heinrich I "The Fowler" King of The  0876Of, Saxony I24315
4 of SAXONY Bernard I "Benno" Duke  Abt 0976Of, Saxony I22773
5 of SAXONY Bernard II Duke  Abt 0995Of, Saxony I24851
6 of SAXONY Billing  Abt 0780Of, Saxony I24316
7 of SAXONY Billung Count  Abt 0924Of, Saxony I22777
8 of SAXONY Hathui Duchess  Abt 0855Of, Saxony I24318
9 Of SAXONY Hermann Billung Duke  Abt 0950Of, Saxony I22775
10 of SAXONY Mathilde Princess  Abt 0958Of, Saxony I22772
11 of SAXONY Otto Duke  Abt 0851Of, Saxony I24323
12 SAXONY Bruno Duke of East  Abt 0800Of, Saxony I24320
13 SAXONY Liudolf Duke of East  0806Of, Saxony I24321