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Saxony, Germany



Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JUTES Hengist Prince of the  Abt 0525Saxony, Germany I24061
2 of SAXONY Amatasunta  Abt 0280Saxony, Germany I24150
3 of SAXONY Berthold King  Abt 0650Saxony, Germany I23946
4 of SAXONY Bodicus Prince  Abt 0625Saxony, Germany I23937
5 of SAXONY Bodicus Prince  Abt 0625Saxony, Germany I23944
6 of SAXONY Dietrich King  Abt 0700Saxony, Germany I23942
7 of SAXONY Edith (Eigilwich)  Abt 0780Saxony, Germany I23039
8 of SAXONY Hartwake Prince  Abt 0550Saxony, Germany I24060
9 of SAXONY Hatwigate Prince  Abt 0575Saxony, Germany I24059
10 of SAXONY Hulderick King  Abt 0600Saxony, Germany I24058
11 of SAXONY Otto "The Illustrious" Duke  Abt 0836Saxony, Germany I25093
12 of SAXONY Sighart King  Abt 0675Saxony, Germany I23940
13 SAXE Basina of The  Abt 0415Saxony, Germany I23468
14 VON SACHSEN Luitgarde  Abt 0865Saxony, Germany I24195
15 von SAXONY Uda  Abt 0874Saxony, Germany I25092