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Weston, Lewis Co., WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Charles E.  Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37321
2 BAILEY Flora  Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37251
3 BAILEY Lean  Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37250
4 DAVISSON Diana  20 Dec 1902Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37289
5 DAVISSON Elizabeth Lorentz  20 Jan 1896Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37266
6 DAVISSON Emma Harrison  17 Oct 1894Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37263
7 DAVISSON George Izard  28 Mar 1899Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37272
8 DAVISSON Ira Camden  27 May 1929Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37276
9 DAVISSON John Granville  18 Aug 1910Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37297
10 DAVISSON Mary Warren  27 Aug 1907Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37294
11 DAVISSON Russell Cleo  02 Oct 1893Weston, Lewis Co., WV I39369
12 HARRISON Anna Mayburry  18 May 1869Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37262
13 Jr. Thomas Jackson Blair  05 Jul 1891Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37264
14 REDE Carol Davisson  18 Mar 1930Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37296


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILEY Douglass Moxley  16 Nov 1903Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37249
2 BUSH Tracy Ruhana  02 May 1990Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37669
3 DAVISSON Ana T.  21 Jan 1897Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37260
4 DAVISSON Fannie Harrison  Aug 1982Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37291
5 DAVISSON George Izard  26 Dec 1980Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37272
6 DAVISSON John Granville  01 May 1987Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37297
7 FLEMING Edwin F.  Feb 1984Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37267
8 HART Mary Louise  Nov 1976Weston, Lewis Co., WV I37273