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Pleasant, Clark Co., OH



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUMGARDNER Charles W.  18 Nov 1861Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36875
2 DAVISSON Bashford  15 Dec 1894Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36960
3 DAVISSON Charles Clifford  15 May 1871Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36848
4 DAVISSON Clarence Weakley  06 Aug 1877Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36855
5 DAVISSON Daniel Davis  31 Dec 1845Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36955
6 DAVISSON Edwin C.  21 Apr 1895Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36930
7 DAVISSON Emily  30 Jan 1904Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36935
8 DAVISSON Eustace Tarbutton  30 Oct 1899Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36934
9 DAVISSON Florence  27 Sep 1896Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36933
10 DAVISSON Floyd Lorain  13 Dec 1897Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36850
11 DAVISSON Forrest Omar  Nov 1885Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36954
12 DAVISSON George Warington  23 Nov 1843Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36871
13 DAVISSON Harry Lester  29 Nov 1887Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36861
14 DAVISSON Hayes Elmer  05 Nov 1879Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36942
15 DAVISSON Ida May  19 Aug 1866Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36874
16 DAVISSON Issac B.  31 Mar 1848Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36956
17 DAVISSON Jean Virginia  15 Dec 1908Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36952
18 DAVISSON Lawrence E.  10 May 1869Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36928
19 DAVISSON Lunetta  11 Mar 1878Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36941
20 DAVISSON Marjorie  02 Feb 1906Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36950
21 DAVISSON Mary Ann  21 Jan 1842Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36863
22 DAVISSON Minnie  1874Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36937
23 DAVISSON Myrta J.  12 Mar 1876Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36940
24 DAVISSON Phyllis  27 Jun 1904Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36948
25 DAVISSON Thomas William  31 Mar 1851Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36957
26 DAVISSON Wilbur Francis  17 Sep 1882Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36946
27 HEDRIX Francis Wilbur  22 Jun 1862Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36865
28 JONES Elizabeth Jane  08 Jul 1845Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36873
29 NEER Dorothy Jane  14 Apr 1851Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36847
30 NEER Laura Edna  27 Nov 1880Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36943
31 TARBUTTON Jessie Carrie  21 Oct 1871Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36929


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUMGARDNER Charles W.  08 Oct 1934Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36875
2 DAVISSION Isaac  19 Feb 1840Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36844
3 DAVISSON Daniel Davis  06 Sep 1860Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36955
4 DAVISSON Ida May  31 Jan 1947Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36874
5 DAVISSON Issac B.  09 Sep 1860Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36956
6 DAVISSON Lawrence E.  12 Jul 1948Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36928
7 DAVISSON Lemuel Samuel  07 Nov 1862Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36842
8 JONES Elizabeth Jane  22 Mar 1906Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36873
9 LOTT Susan Ann  03 Nov 1903Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36843
10 STRIP Elizabeth Ann  19 Apr 1891Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36958
11 TARBUTTON Jessie Carrie  12 Jul 1928Pleasant, Clark Co., OH I36929


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / DAVISSON  30 Oct 1879Pleasant, Clark Co., OH F18690
2 DAVISSON / NEER  01 Sep 1869Pleasant, Clark Co., OH F18679
3 DAVISSON / WOODMANCY  05 Feb 1896Pleasant, Clark Co., OH F18680