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Ellington Cemetery



Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AESPERTERLA Ada Osterle  Ellington Cemetery I27204
2 ANDRESS Rosezetta  Ellington Cemetery I26821
3 CUTTS Mary Helen  Ellington Cemetery I27255
4 FRENCH Sarah Jane  Ellington Cemetery I27200
5 HUTCHINSON Ada June  Ellington Cemetery I26831
6 HUTCHINSON Adalaid  Ellington Cemetery I26950
7 HUTCHINSON Adelbert  Ellington Cemetery I27542
8 HUTCHINSON Albert  Ellington Cemetery I26807
9 HUTCHINSON Alfred  Ellington Cemetery I26900
10 HUTCHINSON Alfred L  Ellington Cemetery I27284
11 HUTCHINSON Benone P  Ellington Cemetery I26812
12 HUTCHINSON Bert A  Ellington Cemetery I27572
13 HUTCHINSON Charles S  Ellington Cemetery I26875
14 HUTCHINSON Daniel  Ellington Cemetery I27310
15 HUTCHINSON Eldred Earl  Ellington Cemetery I26889
16 HUTCHINSON Florence  Ellington Cemetery I26817
17 HUTCHINSON Hattie E  Ellington Cemetery I26805
18 HUTCHINSON Joseph Fred  Ellington Cemetery I27384
19 HUTCHINSON Normaline  Ellington Cemetery I27268
20 HUTCHINSON Norman Ozias  Ellington Cemetery I27355
21 HUTCHINSON Robert James  Ellington Cemetery I26866
22 HUTCHINSON Roy  Ellington Cemetery I27167
23 HUTCHINSON Theron  Ellington Cemetery I26849
24 HUTCHINSON William Henry  Ellington Cemetery I26876
25 HUTCHINSON William James  Ellington Cemetery I27084
26 POOLE George H  Ellington Cemetery I27234
27 SMITH Christiana  Ellington Cemetery I27550
28 STURTEVANT Sarah Lucelia  Ellington Cemetery I27297
29 VYSE Mary Etta  Ellington Cemetery I26980
30 VYSE Sarah Jane  Ellington Cemetery I27300