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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bateman Elizabeth  25 Mar 1733Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50830 Freeman-Smith 
2 Blood Mary  12 Jul 1640Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51599 Freeman-Smith 
3 Blood Samuel  16 Oct 1672Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51647 Freeman-Smith 
4 Brooks Grace  Abt 10 Mar 1660Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51789 Freeman-Smith 
5 Brooks Joshua  23 Sep 1636Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51795 Freeman-Smith 
6 Brooks Noah  1666Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51820 Freeman-Smith 
7 Brown Aaron  25 Dec 1723Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51334 Freeman-Smith 
8 Brown Abel  02 Mar 1766Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51148 Freeman-Smith 
9 Brown Abigail  12 Mar 1704Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50853 Freeman-Smith 
10 Brown Abigail  04 Feb 1706Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51486 Freeman-Smith 
11 Brown Abigail  09 Apr 1733Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51357 Freeman-Smith 
12 Brown Abigail  15 May 1759Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51079 Freeman-Smith 
13 Brown Abigail  05 May 1762Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51009 Freeman-Smith 
14 Brown Abigail  25 Jun 1803Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51258 Freeman-Smith 
15 Brown Abigail Wheeler  29 Mar 1783Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50776 Freeman-Smith 
16 Brown Abishai  01 Oct 1717Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51351 Freeman-Smith 
17 Brown Amasa  16 Apr 1808Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50824 Freeman-Smith 
18 Brown Anna  08 May 1761Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51415 Freeman-Smith 
19 Brown Asa  10 Apr 1759Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51378 Freeman-Smith 
20 Brown Benjamin  14 Apr 1716Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51399 Freeman-Smith 
21 Brown Boaz  31 Jul 1665Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51471 Freeman-Smith 
22 Brown Bridget  11 Apr 1715Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51436 Freeman-Smith 
23 Brown Capt. Benjamin  12 Mar 1761Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51082 Freeman-Smith 
24 Brown David  12 Mar 1732Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51001 Freeman-Smith 
25 Brown David  28 Jan 1764Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51209 Freeman-Smith 
26 Brown Dinah  Abt 12 Feb 1705Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51314 Freeman-Smith 
27 Brown Edward  Abt 20 Mar 1672Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51128 Freeman-Smith 
28 Brown Edward  Abt 15 Feb 1736Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50923 Freeman-Smith 
29 Brown Edward  25 Mar 1785Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51365 Freeman-Smith 
30 Brown Elias  07 Mar 1726Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50872 Freeman-Smith 
31 Brown Elizabeth  Abt 08 Mar 1691Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51248 Freeman-Smith 
32 Brown Elizabeth  04 Sep 1718Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51201 Freeman-Smith 
33 Brown Elizabeth  30 Jan 1753Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51384 Freeman-Smith 
34 Brown Elizabeth  17 Feb 1767Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50925 Freeman-Smith 
35 Brown Elizabeth  18 Sep 1767Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51435 Freeman-Smith 
36 Brown Elizabeth  28 Feb 1779Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50998 Freeman-Smith 
37 Brown Ephraim  07 Nov 1710Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51215 Freeman-Smith 
38 Brown Ephraim  07 Apr 1735Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50854 Freeman-Smith 
39 Brown Ephraim  20 Dec 1742Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50924 Freeman-Smith 
40 Brown Ephraim  07 Apr 1765Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51194 Freeman-Smith 
41 Brown Ephraim  09 Apr 1789Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51038 Freeman-Smith 
42 Brown Gideon  Abt 13 Mar 1725Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50870 Freeman-Smith 
43 Brown Hannah  05 Jun 1702Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50909 Freeman-Smith 
44 Brown Hannah  06 Dec 1716Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51238 Freeman-Smith 
45 Brown Hannah  Abt 14 Feb 1724Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50891 Freeman-Smith 
46 Brown Hannah  01 Apr 1745Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51490 Freeman-Smith 
47 Brown Hannah  28 Apr 1767Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51410 Freeman-Smith 
48 Brown Hannah  02 Jun 1781Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50834 Freeman-Smith 
49 Brown Hepzabah  27 Aug 1771Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51376 Freeman-Smith 
50 Brown Hepzibah  25 Nov 1725Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51303 Freeman-Smith 
51 Brown James Potter  01 Mar 1810Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51124 Freeman-Smith 
52 Brown Joel  20 Feb 1793Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51141 Freeman-Smith 
53 Brown John  18 Sep 1694Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51232 Freeman-Smith 
54 Brown John  01 Jul 1724Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50817 Freeman-Smith 
55 Brown John  05 Dec 1755Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51400 Freeman-Smith 
56 Brown John  10 Jan 1792Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50839 Freeman-Smith 
57 Brown John  15 Jun 1814Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51477 Freeman-Smith 
58 Brown Jonathan  30 Jul 1698Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50963 Freeman-Smith 
59 Brown Jonathan  03 Apr 1740Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51218 Freeman-Smith 
60 Brown Joseph  21 Feb 1765Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51412 Freeman-Smith 
61 Brown Joseph  31 Mar 1776Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51146 Freeman-Smith 
62 Brown Joseph Derby  31 Oct 1816Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50960 Freeman-Smith 
63 Brown Joshua  20 Jun 1787Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51222 Freeman-Smith 
64 Brown Joshua Warren  30 Mar 1819Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51227 Freeman-Smith 
65 Brown Josiah  30 Jan 1742Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50952 Freeman-Smith 
66 Brown Lieut. Samuel  18 Feb 1752Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51115 Freeman-Smith 
67 Brown Lois  15 Dec 1742Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51358 Freeman-Smith 
68 Brown Love  14 Aug 1719Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50989 Freeman-Smith 
69 Brown Lucy  02 Jul 1773Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51381 Freeman-Smith 
70 Brown Luke  03 Nov 1714Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50850 Freeman-Smith 
71 Brown Mary  31 Oct 1670Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50912 Freeman-Smith 
72 Brown Mary  24 Mar 1678Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50901 Freeman-Smith 
73 Brown Mary  20 Mar 1692Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51081 Freeman-Smith 
74 Brown Mary  17 Feb 1708Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50867 Freeman-Smith 
75 Brown Mary  16 Apr 1721Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51294 Freeman-Smith 
76 Brown Mary  02 Sep 1723Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51143 Freeman-Smith 
77 Brown Mary  14 Aug 1757Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51195 Freeman-Smith 
78 Brown Mary  Abt 08 Oct 1796Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51200 Freeman-Smith 
79 Brown Mary (Molly)  11 May 1759Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51051 Freeman-Smith 
80 Brown Mercy  22 Apr 1710Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51264 Freeman-Smith 
81 Brown Nathan  29 May 1704Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51316 Freeman-Smith 
82 Brown Purchase  30 Apr 1757Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50899 Freeman-Smith 
83 Brown Rachel  16 Feb 1691Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51341 Freeman-Smith 
84 Brown Rachel  10 Mar 1696Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51331 Freeman-Smith 
85 Brown Rebecca  17 Mar 1763Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51404 Freeman-Smith 
86 Brown Reuben  15 Mar 1769Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51385 Freeman-Smith 
87 Brown Reuben  25 Apr 1773Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51198 Freeman-Smith 
88 Brown Ruth  08 Dec 1678Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51439 Freeman-Smith 
89 Brown Samuel  07 Mar 1777Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51259 Freeman-Smith 
90 Brown Sarah  25 Sep 1746Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51288 Freeman-Smith 
91 Brown Sarah  23 Mar 1761Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51166 Freeman-Smith 
92 Brown Simeon  29 Jul 1753Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50999 Freeman-Smith 
93 Brown Submit  30 Dec 1751Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50882 Freeman-Smith 
94 Brown Thaddeus  Mar 1758Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51408 Freeman-Smith 
95 Brown Thankful  16 Dec 1740Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51409 Freeman-Smith 
96 Brown Thomas  12 May 1667Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51330 Freeman-Smith 
97 BROWN Thomas  Abt 1679Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I1625 Freeman-Smith 
98 Brown Thomas  14 Jun 1700Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51442 Freeman-Smith 
99 Brown Thomas  24 Dec 1707Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51099 Freeman-Smith 
100 Brown Thomas  26 Dec 1720Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50926 Freeman-Smith 
101 Brown Thomas  17 Nov 1737Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50962 Freeman-Smith 
102 Brown Thomas  25 Mar 1749Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51372 Freeman-Smith 
103 Brown Thomas  05 Jun 1771Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51398 Freeman-Smith 
104 Brown Thomas  24 Jun 1774Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51395 Freeman-Smith 
105 Brown Thomas  09 Mar 1775Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50969 Freeman-Smith 
106 Brown Timothy  07 Aug 1712Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51155 Freeman-Smith 
107 Brown William  Abt 09 Jan 1722Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50793 Freeman-Smith 
108 Brown William  24 Feb 1768Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50930 Freeman-Smith 
109 Brown William  07 Jun 1812Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51013 Freeman-Smith 
110 Brown Zachariah  21 Nov 1710Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51252 Freeman-Smith 
111 Brown II Simeon  18 Oct 1762Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51420 Freeman-Smith 
112 Brown III Thomas  28 Aug 1686Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51328 Freeman-Smith 
113 Browne Eleazer  06 Jul 1649Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51487 Freeman-Smith 
114 Browne Ephraim  21 Apr 1689Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50840 Freeman-Smith 
115 Browne Jabez  1644Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50772 Freeman-Smith 
116 Browne Mary  26 Jan 1646Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51042 Freeman-Smith 
117 Browne Mary  18 Sep 1681Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51087 Freeman-Smith 
118 Browne Mary  Abt 21 Jan 1728Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50918 Freeman-Smith 
119 Browne Rebecca  Abt 04 Jan 1683Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51445 Freeman-Smith 
120 Browne Ruth  26 Oct 1739Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51291 Freeman-Smith 
121 Browne Sarah  Abt 29 Jan 1730Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50773 Freeman-Smith 
122 Browne Jr. Thomas  1651Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50941 Freeman-Smith 
123 Buttrick Jonathon  Abt 30 Jan 1721Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51282 Freeman-Smith 
124 Buttrick Joseph  Abt 09 Jan 1723Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51024 Freeman-Smith 
125 Chandler Abigail  31 Mar 1681Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51350 Freeman-Smith 
126 Davis Abigail  Abt 22 Mar 1726Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51702 Freeman-Smith 
127 Davis Daniel  26 Mar 1673Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51695 Freeman-Smith 
128 Davis Ebenezer  01 Jun 1676Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51644 Freeman-Smith 
129 Davis Eleanor  Abt 04 Mar 1705Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51681 Freeman-Smith 
130 Davis Eleazer  26 May 1680Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51591 Freeman-Smith 
131 Davis Elenor  22 Oct 1672Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51629 Freeman-Smith 
132 Davis Elizabeth  28 Mar 1698Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51610 Freeman-Smith 
133 Davis Elizabeth  11 Jan 1714Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51213 Freeman-Smith 
134 Davis Ezekiel  08 Jun 1717Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51686 Freeman-Smith 
135 Davis Hannah  01 Apr 1679Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51584 Freeman-Smith 
136 Davis Henry  Abt 23 Feb 1694Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51586 Freeman-Smith 
137 Davis Isaac  24 Oct 1723Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51747 Freeman-Smith 
138 Davis James  19 Jan 1668Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51661 Freeman-Smith 
139 Davis John  19 Nov 1689Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51660 Freeman-Smith 
140 Davis John  15 Jul 1715Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51569 Freeman-Smith 
141 Davis Mary  03 Oct 1663Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51693 Freeman-Smith 
142 Davis Mary  12 Aug 1677Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51626 Freeman-Smith 
143 Davis Mary  08 Nov 1701Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51734 Freeman-Smith 
144 Davis Mercy  27 Sep 1666Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51652 Freeman-Smith 
145 Davis Micah,  15 Feb 1720Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51580 Freeman-Smith 
146 Davis Peter  25 Sep 1707Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51754 Freeman-Smith 
147 Davis Samuel  06 Mar 1703Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51770 Freeman-Smith 
148 Davis Samuel  Apr 1730Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51668 Freeman-Smith 
149 Davis Sarah  Abt 11 Mar 1665Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51685 Freeman-Smith 
150 Davis Sarah,  Abt 1725Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51639 Freeman-Smith 
151 Davis Simon  1636Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51704 Freeman-Smith 
152 Davis Simon  12 Oct 1661Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51775 Freeman-Smith 
153 Davis Simon  09 Jul 1683Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51656 Freeman-Smith 
154 Davis Stephen  30 Mar 1686Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51703 Freeman-Smith 
155 Davis III Simon  07 Sep 1692Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51722 Freeman-Smith 
156 Dudley Abigail  11 Jun 1692Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51606 Freeman-Smith 
157 Dudley Sibbell  22 Sep 1702Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50846 Freeman-Smith 
158 FALLEY Samuel  06 Dec 1746Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I14120 Freeman-Smith 
159 Flint Mary  20 Dec 1719Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51363 Freeman-Smith 
160 Flint Thomas  16 Jan 1682Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51344 Freeman-Smith 
161 Fry Andrew  Abt 1662Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51819 Freeman-Smith 
162 Hartwell Hannah  08 Oct 1675Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51467 Freeman-Smith 
163 Hayward Abial  12 Sep 1691Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50554 Freeman-Smith 
164 Hayward Dorothy  Abt 23 Jan 1673Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50565 Freeman-Smith 
165 Hayward Ebenezer  22 Jul 1679Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50548 Freeman-Smith 
166 Hayward George  Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50632 Freeman-Smith 
167 Hayward Hannah  20 Apr 1647Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50509 Freeman-Smith 
168 Hayward Hannah  14 Jan 1671Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50453 Freeman-Smith 
169 Hayward James  01 May 1681Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50547 Freeman-Smith 
170 HAYWARD John  20 Dec 1640Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I3911 Freeman-Smith 
171 Hayward John  02 Feb 1669Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50499 Freeman-Smith 
172 Hayward Joseph  26 Mar 1643Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50605 Freeman-Smith 
173 HAYWARD Judith  25 Apr 1675Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I3914 Freeman-Smith 
174 Hayward Mary  27 Sep 1667Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50621 Freeman-Smith 
175 HAYWARD Mary  05 Dec 1671Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I3915 Freeman-Smith 
176 HAYWARD Mercy  13 May 1677Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I3916 Freeman-Smith 
177 Hayward Prudence  1687Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50545 Freeman-Smith 
178 Hayward Sarah  19 Mar 1645Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50617 Freeman-Smith 
179 Hayward Simeon  22 Jan 1649Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50681 Freeman-Smith 
180 Hayward Simeon  18 Jun 1683Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50635 Freeman-Smith 
181 Hayward William  1651Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50514 Freeman-Smith 
182 Hayward Jr. Joseph  17 Aug 1666Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50619 Freeman-Smith 
183 Hosmer Hannah  16 Aug 1644Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50685 Freeman-Smith 
184 Hosmer James  26 Feb 1708Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51278 Freeman-Smith 
185 Hosmer Prudence  Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51298 Freeman-Smith 
186 Hosmer Ruth  06 Nov 1745Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50874 Freeman-Smith 
187 Hosmer Thomas  06 Jul 1672Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51336 Freeman-Smith 
188 Potter Bethiah  04 Nov 1659Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51826 Freeman-Smith 
189 Potter Dorothy  09 Apr 1650Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51827 Freeman-Smith 
190 Potter Elizabeth  1652Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51824 Freeman-Smith 
191 Potter Elizabeth  23 Jul 1699Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50784 Freeman-Smith 
192 Potter Eunice  02 Apr 1641Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51806 Freeman-Smith 
193 Potter Eunice  10 Dec 1688Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51764 Freeman-Smith 
194 Potter Francis  Abt 1658Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51804 Freeman-Smith 
195 Potter Hannah  20 Dec 1690Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51168 Freeman-Smith 
196 Potter Judah  1657Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51796 Freeman-Smith 
197 Potter Luke  30 May 1646Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51801 Freeman-Smith 
198 Potter Luke  Abt 18 Mar 1692Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51815 Freeman-Smith 
199 Potter Mary  1656Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51810 Freeman-Smith 
200 Potter Mary  24 Oct 1695Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51816 Freeman-Smith 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Mary  Abt 1644Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51822 Freeman-Smith 
2 Barrett Humphrey  Abt 03 Jan 1715Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51798 Freeman-Smith 
3 Bateman? Bridget  05 Mar 1681Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51122 Freeman-Smith 
4 Brooks Grace  20 Apr 1753Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51789 Freeman-Smith 
5 Brooks Noah  01 Feb 1739Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51820 Freeman-Smith 
6 Brown David  May 1802Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51001 Freeman-Smith 
7 Brown Eleazer  03 Apr 1755Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51250 Freeman-Smith 
8 Brown Ephraim  Abt 06 Feb 1736Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50854 Freeman-Smith 
9 Brown Ephraim  09 Oct 1788Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51215 Freeman-Smith 
10 Brown Ephraim  16 Jan 1812Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50924 Freeman-Smith 
11 Brown Hannah  08 Jun 1745Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51490 Freeman-Smith 
12 Brown Hannah  16 Jan 1749Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50891 Freeman-Smith 
13 Brown John  06 Mar 1750Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51232 Freeman-Smith 
14 Brown John  16 Oct 1815Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51477 Freeman-Smith 
15 Brown Jonathan  Bef 23 Nov 1745Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50963 Freeman-Smith 
16 Brown Joshua Warren  07 Sep 1869Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51227 Freeman-Smith 
17 Brown Lucy  18 Feb 1786Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51381 Freeman-Smith 
18 Brown Rachel  Abt 04 Mar 1691Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51341 Freeman-Smith 
19 Brown Simeon  11 Aug 1753Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50999 Freeman-Smith 
20 Brown Thankful  09 Sep 1776Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51409 Freeman-Smith 
21 Brown Thomas  1762Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51099 Freeman-Smith 
22 Brown Thomas  25 Apr 1774Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51372 Freeman-Smith 
23 Brown III Thomas  Abt 13 Mar 1717Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51328 Freeman-Smith 
24 Browne Ephraim  06 Feb 1750Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50840 Freeman-Smith 
25 Browne Sarah  06 Jun 1815Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50773 Freeman-Smith 
26 Buttrick Jonathon  18 May 1775Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51282 Freeman-Smith 
27 Buttrick Joseph  29 Dec 1803Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51024 Freeman-Smith 
28 Chandler Abigail  29 Mar 1766Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51350 Freeman-Smith 
29 Davis Daniel  11 Feb 1741Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51695 Freeman-Smith 
30 Davis Dolor  Jun 1673Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51728 Freeman-Smith 
31 Davis Eleazer  10 Aug 1721Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51591 Freeman-Smith 
32 Davis Elizabeth  15 Nov 1706Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51610 Freeman-Smith 
33 Davis Elizabeth  08 Jan 1801Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51213 Freeman-Smith 
34 Davis James  Sep 1727Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51661 Freeman-Smith 
35 Davis John Woodrow  1703Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51723 Freeman-Smith 
36 Davis Mercy  18 Dec 1667Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51652 Freeman-Smith 
37 Davis Simon  14 Jun 1713Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51704 Freeman-Smith 
38 Davis Simon  16 Feb 1763Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51656 Freeman-Smith 
39 Edmunds Mary  Abt 15 Feb 1710Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51825 Freeman-Smith 
40 Flint Thomas  01 Apr 1755Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51344 Freeman-Smith 
41 French Sarah  1751Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51673 Freeman-Smith 
42 Fry John  1696Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51797 Freeman-Smith 
43 Hartwell Hannah  05 Jan 1755Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51467 Freeman-Smith 
44 Hayward George  29 Mar 1671Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50451 Freeman-Smith 
45 HAYWARD John  22 Nov 1714Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I3911 Freeman-Smith 
46 Hayward Joseph  13 Oct 1714Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50605 Freeman-Smith 
47 Hayward Simeon  18 May 1719Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50635 Freeman-Smith 
48 Hosmer Hannah  15 Dec 1675Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I50685 Freeman-Smith 
49 Hosmer Thomas  02 Nov 1754Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51336 Freeman-Smith 
50 Medows Mary  1710Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51739 Freeman-Smith 
51 Potter Elizabeth  Abt 14 Dec 1694Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51824 Freeman-Smith 
52 Potter Eunice  24 Nov 1708Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51806 Freeman-Smith 
53 Potter Eunice  27 Jul 1770Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51764 Freeman-Smith 
54 Potter Francis  17 Nov 1761Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51804 Freeman-Smith 
55 Potter Hannah  01 Dec 1782Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51168 Freeman-Smith 
56 Potter Judah  20 Jun 1731Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51796 Freeman-Smith 
57 Potter Luke  13 Aug 1661Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51801 Freeman-Smith 
58 Potter Luke  13 Oct 1697Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51812 Freeman-Smith 
59 Potter Luke  25 Sep 1784Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51815 Freeman-Smith 
60 Potter Mary  01 Sep 1696Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51816 Freeman-Smith 
61 Potter Mary  17 Nov 1713Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51810 Freeman-Smith 
62 Potter Samuel  31 Mar 1676Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51808 Freeman-Smith 
63 Potter Samuel  15 Feb 1800Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51818 Freeman-Smith 
64 Potter Sarah  24 Jun 1748Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51799 Freeman-Smith 
65 Smedley Ann  1760Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51618 Freeman-Smith 
66 Wheeler Abigail  14 Dec 1794Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51071 Freeman-Smith 
67 WHITE Anna  25 May 1714Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I10026 Freeman-Smith 
68 Willard John  27 Aug 1726Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51738 Freeman-Smith 
69 Wilson Hannah  30 Jun 1768Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51249 Freeman-Smith 
70 Wright Sarah  Abt 1674Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51831 Freeman-Smith 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Willard John  Concord, Middlesex Co., MA I51738 Freeman-Smith 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barrett / Potter  Abt 23 Mar 1674Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23755 Freeman-Smith 
2 Blood / Davis  01 Apr 1701Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23725 Freeman-Smith 
3 Brooks / Potter  1685Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23746 Freeman-Smith 
4 Brown / Burke  03 Jul 1744Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23504 Freeman-Smith 
5 Brown / Chandler  Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23635 Freeman-Smith 
6 Brown / Dudley  05 Sep 1718Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23426 Freeman-Smith 
7 Brown / Flint  26 May 1748Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23531 Freeman-Smith 
8 Brown / Hosmer  18 Jul 1765Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23493 Freeman-Smith 
9 Brown / Monroe  30 Sep 1756Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23593 Freeman-Smith 
10 Brown / Potter  Abt 23 Feb 1714Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23425 Freeman-Smith 
11 Brown / Poulter  13 May 1690Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23539 Freeman-Smith 
12 Brown / Reed  13 Feb 1840Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23424 Freeman-Smith 
13 Brown / Stacey  1835Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23524 Freeman-Smith 
14 Brown / Ward  22 Jun 1741Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23633 Freeman-Smith 
15 Brown / Wheeler  09 Oct 1732Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23484 Freeman-Smith 
16 Brown III / Potter  22 Nov 1709Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23615 Freeman-Smith 
17 Browne / Wilson  28 Aug 1718Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23565 Freeman-Smith 
18 Browne / Winship  08 Nov 1664Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23448 Freeman-Smith 
19 Browne Jr. / Vinton  12 Nov 1677Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23644 Freeman-Smith 
20 Buttrick / Browne  23 Jul 1751Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23641 Freeman-Smith 
21 Buttrick / Browne  14 Jul 1756Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23469 Freeman-Smith 
22 Davis / Blood  12 Dec 1660Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23701 Freeman-Smith 
23 Davis / Dudley  17 Dec 1713Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23710 Freeman-Smith 
24 Davis / Fletcher  26 Mar 1713Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23666 Freeman-Smith 
25 Davis / Hubbard  27 Apr 1699Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23711 Freeman-Smith 
26 Davis / Lynnell  Abt 15 Mar 1648Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23699 Freeman-Smith 
27 Davis / Medows  Abt 11 Jan 1665Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23716 Freeman-Smith 
28 Davis / Potter  07 May 1705Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23706 Freeman-Smith 
29 Davis / Read  Abt 02 Mar 1697Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23703 Freeman-Smith 
30 Davis / Smedley  1701Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23734 Freeman-Smith 
31 Davis / Wood  19 Oct 1719Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23700 Freeman-Smith 
32 Davis / Woodhouse  14 Feb 1689Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23714 Freeman-Smith 
33 Farrar / Hayward  Abt 1668Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23376 Freeman-Smith 
34 Flint / Brown  15 Jan 1717Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23477 Freeman-Smith 
35 Fry / Potter  14 Oct 1660Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23748 Freeman-Smith 
36 GOSS / HAYWARD  30 Aug 1699Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F3476 Freeman-Smith 
37 Hartwell / Brown  22 Sep 1713Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23556 Freeman-Smith 
38 Hayward / (Hayward)  1638Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23399 Freeman-Smith 
39 Hayward / Hosmer  26 Oct 1665Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23395 Freeman-Smith 
40 Hayward / Treadway  23 Mar 1677Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23341 Freeman-Smith 
41 HAYWARD / WHITE  02 Jun 1671Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F3911 Freeman-Smith 
42 Hosmer / Hartwell  Abt 13 Feb 1695Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23608 Freeman-Smith 
43 Hubbard / Brown  01 Nov 1753Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23614 Freeman-Smith 
44 Hubbard / Browne  26 Sep 1704Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23577 Freeman-Smith 
45 Hunt / Davis  14 May 1699Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23690 Freeman-Smith 
46 Joel Wright? / Harriet  1806Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23521 Freeman-Smith 
47 Jones / Brown  10 Nov 1698Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23613 Freeman-Smith 
48 Jones / Potter  16 Jan 1672Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23758 Freeman-Smith 
49 Lewis / Davis  15 Jun 1653Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23692 Freeman-Smith 
50 Potter / Wright  08 Jan 1673Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23750 Freeman-Smith 
51 Stearns / Brown  09 Jul 1696Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23422 Freeman-Smith 
52 Stearns / Davis  26 Apr 1699Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23728 Freeman-Smith 
53 Wheeler / Davis  28 May 1691Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23713 Freeman-Smith 
54 Wheeler / Davis  13 Nov 1695Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23722 Freeman-Smith 
55 Wheeler / Potter  1723Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23744 Freeman-Smith 
56 Whitcombe / Hayward  31 May 1700Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23372 Freeman-Smith 
57 Wright / Brown  06 Jul 1758Concord, Middlesex Co., MA F23486 Freeman-Smith 
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