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Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN Hazel Marie  02 Oct 1894Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I1548
2 BROWN Katherine  1878Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I30093
3 CASTLE Margaret  1912Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I32675
4 HART Laverne Albert  14 Feb 1919Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I56835
5 INGERSOLL Richard Stiles  19 Feb 1899Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I22500
6 ROLFE Virginia  1926Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I56240
7 SCHAEFER Catherine Ann  25 Jul 1958Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I44289
8 WOOD Charlotte A.  14 Sep 1918Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I10205


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ALLEN Ivy May  24 Nov 1939Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I31171
2 BROWN Edward Henry  24 Dec 1934Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I1528
3 CHILDS John Keble  31 Mar 1976Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I34474
4 COLE Burr Madison  03 Sep 1962Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I18038
5 FREEMAN Charles Lyle  12 Dec 1957Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I3040
6 GOGGIN Anne  1924Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I3446
7 HART John L.  13 Jun 1990Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I56860
8 HOFFMAN Walter Theodor  Aug 1967Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I4062
9 HUNT Angenette  14 Aug 1902Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I33326
10 HUNT Jr Daniel Newcomb  Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I33159
11 INGERSOLL Charles Thomas  20 Nov 1904Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I18916
12 KIRSCHNER Marjorie Katherine  28 Jul 1976Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I34422
13 McBRIDE Adelbert  01 Feb 1950Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I18015
14 OAKES Bertha  23 Mar 1958Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I30157
15 PARK Mary Delia  28 May 1944Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I18194
16 PRINZING Mary  03 Sep 1962Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I56133
17 PURDY Bradley H.  19 Aug 1920Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I37216
18 RICHARDSON Arthur Allen  10 Dec 1950Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I56132
19 RICHARDSON Lillian Louise  Aft 1919Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I56369
20 SMITH May Margaret  Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I28061
21 SMITH Robert Eugene  03 Oct 1986Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN I9052


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 INGERSOLL / KETTER  29 Apr 1896Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN F13261
2 SCHAEFER / van der HAGEN  18 Jun 1929Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN F21343